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Quotes from feedback to Musical Chairs Summer School 2018

The following are a selection of the actual feedback that we received from the participants on the course:

"Excellent. Such a joy to play together." - Chris Douglas

" Definitely will have to be here, not away. Absolutely loved it! Catering very good." - Sabine McCrudden

"Thanks for everything. Thoroughly enjoyed it as usual." - Rachel and Toby Nash

"Sectionals very good for going through and working on individual bits, but orchestra was very good to hear all of the pieces together. Absolutely amazing. Possible extend to another day? 5 days instead of 4?" - Joanna McCrudden

"Always a great selection of music, and a very good combination of easier and more challenging pieces." - Sue

"Really great, lovely music, smashing people XX" - Adrian C

"Got a lot of useful tips from flute sectional. Nice to have the choice for catering –thankyou. Lovely welcoming atmosphere with friendly people. Lots of freedom to play as much or as little as I was comfortable with. Encouragement but no heavy pressure. I found the sectional and orchestra a bit noisy at times when I could have done with listening to what Bill or Alastair was saying. People practising loudly throughout meant for quite a bit of noise overload. And how about having a ‘retiring’ collection after the concert and giving the loot to a charity or to the church that is hosting us? Most people don’t mind giving something in appreciation of all our hard work! " - Sally Bedborough

"Definitely coming next year. Loved the whole friendly sociable group. Great Experience. All staff very helpful and supportive. Band discipline not good! Found it to hear/concentrate when people spoke/played while conductor was explaining." - Barbara Tingay

"Thank you so much for sending the pics and clips from last week. I’m suffering from awful withdrawal symptoms, but what a great four days it was! I feel really inspired to get down to some serious practise so that I’m a better standard next year. I come!! I loved meeting the rest of the orchestra folks and especially the other flautists. And I still waking up with the various tunes we played going through my head! Lovely! "

"I wanted to say a proper thank you for the course. It was so much fun, friendly and exhausting! I learnt a lot but more importantly have returned to my usual music feeling invigorated. I'll be doing an hour's practice every day - or so I think at the moment!! Joking apart the provided the impetus to keep going and have fun."

"It was a very good course and I will definitely be booking again for next year.."

" Thanks to all the wonderful staff, friends, family in fact whoever was involved in organising and running the course. They were all great - especially you. I do hope you've had a bit of a rest this week.."

"My son is Alex Clark who attended your Musical Chairs Summer School this week. I just wanted to tell you that Alex had a great time this week and will very much look forward to doing it again next year. The concert this evening was absolutely great and I enjoyed every minute of it. All the choices of music were great to listen to. Thank you for taking the time to arrange this type of event for children (and adults). It is so worthwhile and great exposure to playing in an orchestra. ." - Ann Clark

"As I don't live locally and will not bump into anyone from MCSS, just wanted to say what a great concert on Friday. Congrats and thanks to everyone involved." - Sue

" Just about touching ground again now from the high of last week. It was fabulous. Thank you so much. I exceeded my own expectations, playing nearly everything, and felt it a real privilege to be part of such a great group. Well done on all the organisation. Hard work I know, but so worth it. Already in the diary for next year!! My crowd loved it and I have been told it'll be 8 visitors for the concert in 2019 all being well!! " - Chris Douglas